Important Information: Fund Closure

Further to the suspension of the TM home investor fund and associated Feeder fund on 31st July 2023, Thesis Unit Trust Management Limited (Tutman) as the authorised fund manager (AFM) has confirmed on 30th October 2023 that a decision has been made to terminate the Funds. The termination of the funds will formally commence from 1st December 2023. This decision has been made following consultation with the Funds’ Depositary (NatWest Trustee and Depositary Services Limited) and Property Investment Manager (Hearthstone Asset Management Limited).

A copy of the formal Investor Notice which has been sent to investors on 30th October can be downloaded below

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Fund Factsheets

The latest factsheets for retail share classes C, D and Feeder Fund which contain information on performance, portfolio holdings and Fund Manager commentary.

Class C Shares

Class D Shares

Feeder Fund

Key Investor Information Documents

TM home investor fund Key Investor Information Documents for share classes C, D and Feeder Fund.

Class C Shares

Class D Shares

Feeder Fund


Prospectus for PAIF share classes in the TM home investor fund (a sub-fund of the TM Hearthstone ICVC).

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Fund Report & Accounts

Interim reports and accounts are published twice per year; Interim accounts in February (to 31st December) and Annual accounts in October (to 30th June)

Please contact us if you require previous copies.

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