Hearthstone Investments Ltd was founded in 2009 as the UK’s first specialist residential property fund manager. Supported by a highly experienced team, it offers investment funds suitable for a range of investors, from private individuals to institutional investors such as private and public sector pension funds and insurance companies.

Hearthstone Investments Ltd welcomes associations and relationships with the Press and would be delighted to make time available to comment, or provide collateral, on our specialism which is Residential Property Investment and house prices.

About the fund

We wish to make residential property investing accessible to all. Retail, Professional and Institutional investors are able to invest into the fund.

How does it work?

From as little as £1000, an investor buys units in a collective fund. The investor’s money is then pooled in the collective fund with other investors’ monies, and the aggregate amount is used to buy and hold residential flats and houses across the UK which are then rented out. When the investor decides (s)he wants the money back, (s)he simply redeems the units of the fund, without having to worry about finding a buyer for the fund, or indeed the properties.

The main reasons our fund proves attractive are:

A way to save up a deposit for investors, first time buyers or parents, grandparents and other family members seeking to get on the property ladder

As an alternative to Buy-to-Let particularly with the recent tax and regulatory changes. There is no leverage or debt in our fund

To diversify an existing investment portfolio – Adding residential property to a diversified, multi-asset portfolio can enhance diversification, particularly for defensive portfolios. Residential property investment returns, which are a combination of capital growth and rental income, have historically shown low or negative relationships to returns from Equities, Bonds and Commercial property

At a glance

Holds over 200 properties across the UK

No leverage or gearing – All properties are bought with cash from funds

Daily liquidity, i.e. investors can normally invest and redeem on a daily basis

Permitted via tax efficient ISA (Individual Savings Account), as well as other tax efficient wrapper such as SIPPs and Trusts

FCA authorised

Covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme


Please contact us if you require more information.

Interviews are available with the following staff members:

Stuart Springham: Fund Manager

Cedric Bucher: CEO

Andrew Smith: CIO

If you would like an official comment from one of our team or some editorial content please contact:

Cedric Bucher
Hearthstone Investments Ltd
T:  020 3301 1300