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ESG Rating from “3D investing”

Hearthstone is pleased to announce the positive environmental and social impact of the TM home investor fund has been recognised by 3D investing, powered by Ethical Money

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Fund Performance Factsheet – December 2019

Whilst many commentators are talking about a “Boris Bounce” in the property and financial markets, this will take time to feed through to the property market as deals need to be done and transactions complete. Estimates are that there were 65,500 transactions in December, down 13.2% on the (revised) estimate of 75,500 in November.

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Fund Performance Factsheet – November 2019

What a difference a month (day) makes. With months of uncertainty and stonewalling within Parliament over Brexit and policy in general, now seemingly over, there seems to be real optimism in the economy and markets leading into Christmas and the new year.

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Fund Performance Factsheet – October 2019

As the UK heads to the polls for the third time three and a half years and Brexit uncertainty continues, one might be forgiven for thinking that the housing market will have stalled as vendors and purchasers wait for clarity. However, HM Land Registry shows an estimated 77,500 housing transactions in October 2019, up 4.2% on September. Although c.2.0% down on a seasonally adjusted basis, it shows how resilient the housing market is, and the perpetual need for homes.

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Fund Performance Factsheet – August 2019

As the Brexit stalemate continues, transactions in the owner-occupier housing market remained subdued over the past month with many people who it is thought would like to move, deciding to stay put for a little longer. In contrast to the owner-occupier market, demand for…

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Fund Performance Factsheet – July 2019

While politicians talk about themselves and occasionally about the need to increase housing supply the fundamental undersupply of good housing remains. Capital values nationally are effectively unchanged with Acadata recording …

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