I own a property, why should I invest in this fund too?

Most investors are underweight residential property – their own house is not part of their investible assets and is usually purchased because it suits their lifestyle, not because of the investment returns it might generate.

A professionally managed portfolio of private rented flats and houses can provide real diversification, alongside long-term capital growth or consistent income returns, within a portfolio of other assets such as equities, fixed income and commercial property.

As a large investor in residential property, the fund is also able to spread the risk of property ownership rather than it being concentrated in one or two properties in a single area. TM home investor fund invests in flats and houses of various sizes across England, Scotland and Wales to broadly reflect the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) housing market in terms of regional distribution and property type. Preference is for new or modern properties to keep maintenance and management costs as low as possible and which will attract reliable long-term tenants in strong performing rental locations with an active re-sale market to give the best potential returns.

The fund can also be used to meet specific requirements, such as an alternative to buy-to-let or to ensure money keeps pace with house price inflation for those saving for a house, to help their children/grandchildren on the housing ladder, or for expats currently living abroad.