How risky is residential property investment?

Properties, like most other things, can go up or down in value. The value of your investment is very much dependent on the value of properties in the fund, so that can go up or down in value too. Property values, although provided by professional, independent Chartered Surveyors are a matter of opinion, so the price actually achieved when a property is sold could be higher or lower than its most recent valuation.

Property can also take time to sell and, although the fund does usually hold enough cash to enable investors to withdraw their money, delays may occur if properties need to be sold.

You should always read the Key Investor Information Document or the prospectus, and the latest fund factsheet, before investing.

UK residential property does have a long history of providing investment returns which are less volatile than the stock market or commercial property. It also tends to react differently to changes in the economic environment than other asset classes (in other words, its returns have little correlation with equities, fixed income and commercial property). If you already invest in those asset classes, an investment in the TM home investor fund can give your overall portfolio further diversification and potentially reduce the risk of your overall portfolio.