How it Works

TM home investor fund is brought to you by Hearthstone. It’s an established residential property fund which has provided attractive and stable returns since 2012. It’s the only residential property fund that’s Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The fund buys, lets, manages and sells residential property in mainland UK, and focusses on buying new or nearly-new properties to let at market rates in areas with superior infrastructure.
How investment works

Savers and investors such as yourselves place money into the TM home investor fund and these fund proceeds are used to purchase properties, throughout the UK. These properties are diligently chosen by our professional team in line with our stringent purchasing criteria.

The properties aim to attract both capital growth and rental income. You are able to invest in one-off amounts, small or large and can even invest into the fund on a monthly basis which particularly helps those with a goal based on savings.

You are able to take a part or all of your funds out at any time but investing into residential property should be seen as a medium to long-term investment, as if buying an actual home

How to invest in a residential property investment fund

Step 1 | Get Started

Click on Get Started or Start Investing anywhere on this site when ready to start investing in our fund, whether making one-off or monthly payments.

Step 2 | Open your Account

You'll be asked to create an account with our trusted partner, WealthKernel. Follow the steps to create and fund the account.

Step 3 | In your control

Within your new dashboard you can track and manage your TM home investor fund investment safely and securely online.

Optimising Returns

Newer properties means lower maintenance costs, which should help improve performance.

The portfolio of properties is rented out to individuals, couples and families, and the fund's experts manage the tenancies efficiently — with the aim of maximising returns.

How we select the right investment properties

Benefits compared to Buy-to-Let

Invest Online

The fund, which has over £50m in property investments, is now available to invest in through the online portal provided by WealthKernel. If you’ve read the FAQs and the important information in the 'your capital is at risk' page, and have decided the TM home investor fund is right for you, watch the video or scroll down to find out how to invest online right now. If you don't want to invest through the online portal, TM home investor fund is available from your Financial Adviser and on most of the mainstream investment platforms. You can also contact us for an application form (please note that we cannot provide advice about the suitability of TM home investor fund for your needs).
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