How has the fund performed?

A number of external sites including Morningstar, Trustnet and Financial Times publish prices and performance daily*.

Different share classes have different charges and will perform differently as a result. Not all classes are available to direct retail investors.

Share class X, which is available through the WealthKernel portal, was not launched until 13th July 2018, so has limited past performance information – although it does invest in the same underlying portfolio of properties as the other share classes.

For more information on charges, see the FAQ ‘What does it cost’

*Please note that the fund was originally named the ‘TM Hearthstone UK Residential Property Fund’ but changed to ‘TM home investor fund’ on 13th July 2018. Some past performance information or data on other websites may still refer to the fund by its previous name.

It’s important to remember that returns are not guaranteed, and that past performance should not be used as a reliable guide to future performance.

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