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Finally, some good news
for first time buyers

Hearthstone specialises in residential property funds – it’s all we do. The TM home investor fund was launched in 2012, and invests in mainstream UK private rented housing. It’s FCA authorised and regulated.

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TM home investor fund is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Start small - invest from as little as £100


Covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Find a better investment for your first deposit

We know you want to start saving for your first home. You want your money to be looked after, but also to work hard. But with today’s low interest rates, cash ISAs and savings accounts could lag behind house price inflation, meaning it could take longer to save enough for a deposit on your first home.

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The right home for your money

That’s where the TM home investor fund comes in. It's a residential property fund, so your money has the potential to grow at a similar rate to the UK housing market. Put simply, you’ll be part of the property market whilst you save which means you may be ready to buy your first home sooner.

Note that TM home investor fund should be considered as a medium to long-term investment of at least five years.


Enjoy some real home comforts. Invest tax-free

You can make use of your ISA allowance to invest in the fund. And unlike buy-to-let, a tax-free investment means potentially higher returns.


Protect yourself from property price rises

Whilst saving for your first home, you can invest in a fund which can keep up with the housing market — so you get the best of both worlds.

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Peace of mind

TM home investor fund is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and it's covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Truly home sweet homes

TM home investor fund buys, lets, manages and sells residential property in mainland UK, and focuses on buying new or nearly-new properties to let at market rates.

Newer properties can mean lower maintenance costs, which should help improve performance.

Scroll down to view just some of the hundreds of properties owned by the fund.

The East Of England/Essex - Colchester, Riverside Walk at Rowhedge

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2-3 bedrooms

Most recently the Fund has agreed to buy eight new houses at Rowhedge, attractive riverside village four miles to the South East of the centre of Colchester. An attractive Riverside Walk (see photo) is within a minute of the development. The houses were purchased for an average price of just over £250,000, which represents a bulk discount for advance purchase of just over 10%.

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The East Of England/Essex - Colchester, Mansion House

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An attractive block of 16 flats built by Countryside Properties in 2008. The homes have all been let since new and are popular and have proved easy to let. These homes complement the Fund’s other investments in Colchester, and appeal to a different market than the houses. Salamanca Way is part of a large scale modern development about 3 miles to the South of the shopping centre and Station.

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West Sussex / Bolnore Village

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2 bedrooms

Bolnore Village is a large master planned community to the South of Haywards Heath. Since the first house was completed in 2002, the village has become a community in its own right, with shops, a primary school and Community Centre. The Fund purchased four large 2 bedroom flats in Henmead House, overlooking some of the woodland. The flats have parking directly beneath the block.

Invest in the fund now
location image
The East Of England/Essex - Colchester, Riverside Walk at Rowhedge
location image
The East Of England/Essex - Colchester, Mansion House
location image
West Sussex / Bolnore Village

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First Time Buyers FAQ's

Questions? We’ve brought together some answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Who's behind the TM home investor fund?

Hearthstone Asset Management Limited, a subsidiary of Hearthstone Investments plc (‘Hearthstone’) is the Property Investment Adviser to the fund.  Hearthstone is a residential property investment specialist, which was founded in 2009 as the UK’s first fund manager to focus solely on residential property. Supported by a highly experienced team, it has successfully brought a range of investment funds to market for both individual and corporate investors. Through close relationships with estate agents and housebuilders and careful property selection and management, Hearthstone aims to offer attractive, stable investment performance while providing excellent accommodation and landlord services to the growing number of households looking to rent.

The ‘TM’ in the fund’s name signifies that Thesis Unit Trust Management Limited (TUTMAN) is the fund’s Authorised Corporate Director and has overall responsibility for ensuring the fund is operated in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority’s regulations.

National Westminster Bank Plc (NatWest) is the fund’s Depositary and is responsible for overseeing TUTMAN’s operation of the fund.  NatWest is also responsible for the safeguarding of the assets of the fund and protecting the interests of incoming, outgoing and continuing investors.

What does it cost?

Just like any other product or service, TM home investor fund is subject to charges and expenses which have the effect of reducing the potential returns of your investment. These include the costs of running the fund, as well as marketing and distribution costs.

The share class you can invest into through the online portal provided by WealthKernel has estimated ongoing charges (OCF) of 1.81% per year. This includes the Annual Management Charge of 1.1% plus other estimated variable expenses incurred in operating the fund. The variable expenses depend on things like the number of investors in the fund, property valuation fees and legal costs.

Of the 1.1% Annual Management Charge, 0.2% is paid to WealthKernel as a product fee to manage the service they provide, which includes the administration of your investment on their portal as well as the ongoing reporting to you.

There are no initial charges made on your investment through the online portal, so all of your money is used to buy shares in TM home investor fund. However, the costs of buying or selling properties (such as Stamp Duty Land Tax, disbursements, estate agent and legal fees) are factored into the share price. More information can be found in the fund’s prospectus.

Different share classes are available on third-party investment platforms and through financial advisers. Not all share classes are available directly to retail investors. Other share classes may have higher or lower charges than that available through the WealthKernel portal, but the third-party platform or financial adviser will usually make a charge for the service and, if applicable, the financial advice provided. A full list of share classes can be found in the fund’s prospectus which you can contact us to obtain.

You may also contact us for an application form should you not wish to use any of the above methods to invest in the fund.

How long is my investment committed for?

There’s no lock-in period or minimum investment time. However, this should be considered as a medium to long-term investment of at least five years.

Can I view which properties the fund owns??

A selection of the properties can be found here.

Why should I invest?

TM home investor fund offers an affordable way to invest in UK private rented property, a popular and long-established asset class in the UK. The fund aims to grow your investment over the medium- to long-term, using the professional buying power and property management expertise of Hearthstone’s team of residential investment specialists to maximise returns. Rental income, after property management costs and fund charges, is also reinvested into the fund.

 It also offers real investment diversification in a portfolio of equities, bonds or commercial property because residential property acts differently to these other mainstream asset classes as market conditions change. 

People invest in the fund for lots of different reasons including to help manage the risk of an existing portfolio of equities, bonds and commercial property; as a way of helping their money keep pace with property prices when saving for a house or to keep a foot on the property ladder whilst living abroad; or to create a nest-egg for retirement.

Start growing your investment today!

Now it’s simple to invest in residential property online in a tax-efficient ISA. Start today and make those savings goals a reality.

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Start growing your investment today

Looking to retire?

The TM home investor fund can provide returns which are less volatile than stock market investments, with the option to draw down capital as you need it.

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Saving for your first house?

TM home investor fund invests in real 'bricks and mortar' properties, so it can give your savings a chance of keeping pace with house prices.

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Get your child on the property ladder

Over the long term, cash based savings often don't keep up with house prices. That's where TM home investor fund is different because it actually invests in the UK housing market.

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Diversify your investment portfolio

Whether you're an existing or potential buy-to-let investor, TM home investor fund can help spread the risk of your investment portfolio.

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