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  • How do you select properties to buy?

    The fund’s Property Investment Adviser, Hearthstone, searches for locations offering good rental demand as well as an active re-sale market. We use data from a leading housing research consultancy, and through our strategic partners, Touchstone and Connells Group, we also have access to the trends in rental performance of over 20,000 managed residential properties as well as “grass roots” sales and lettings data from over 500 estate agency branches.

    Hearthstone’s property team has many years’ experience, and vast professional connections with house builders and developers in order to source suitable properties for the fund.

  • Do you use debt to purchase properties?

    No. All properties are purchased outright with cash. There are no mortgages on any of the properties.

  • Can I view which properties the fund owns??

    A selection of the properties can be found here 

  • Can I choose which properties I invest in?


    The pooled nature of the fund means that investors do not have direct ownership of or influence over decisions to buy and sell underlying properties. Instead each investor gets investment exposure to all properties the fund owns.

    By choosing different property types across a variety of locations with a large number of tenants, Hearthstone’s highly experienced team is able to better manage the investment risk for you compared to choosing one or two properties. We are specialists in residential property investment and through close relationships with estate agents and housebuilders, and careful property selection and management, we aim to secure the best properties at the lowest cost to offer the potential for attractive, stable investment performance. 

  • How are the properties valued?

    Legislation for this type of fund means property valuations have to be carried out by an independent valuer. They visit every property at least every 12 months and provide a valuation following that physical inspection. For the other 11 months of the year, the independent valuer provides a ‘desktop valuation’ – meaning that they refer to their last physical inspection and update the valuation according to information they have on properties being bought and sold in the local area. 

    However, property valuation is ultimately a matter of opinion rather than fact. In other words, you can’t guarantee that the price it is valued at will be the price it is sold at.

  • Who lives in the properties?

    Most of the fund’s properties are rented by normal people like you and me. Some are single, some are couples – with and without families. A few of the properties are still used as show homes by housebuilding firms, so those are rented from the fund by the builder.

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