Why should I invest?

TM home investor fund offers an affordable way to invest in UK private rented property, a popular and long-established asset class in the UK. The fund aims to grow your investment over the medium- to long-term, using the professional buying power and property management expertise of Hearthstone’steam of residential investment specialists to maximise returns. Rental income, after property management costs and fund charges, is also reinvested into the fund.

It also offers real investment diversification in a portfolio of equities, bonds or commercial property because residential property acts differently to these other mainstream asset classes as market conditions change.

People invest in the fund for lots of different reasons including to help manage the risk of an existing portfolio of equities, bonds and commercial property; as a way of helping their money keep pace with property prices when saving for a house or to keep a foot on the property ladder whilst living abroad; or to create a nest-egg for retirement.