Why should I invest my clients in this fund?

The TM home investor fund can be invested in on a stand-alone basis, or as part of a diversified portfolio

  1. Stand-alone investment: 
    • Alternative to Buy-to-let: with recent tax and regulatory changes to Buy-To-Let, the TM home investor fund is a tax-efficient and hassle-free alternative.
    • Saving for a deposit: The TM home investor fund aims to capture UK house price growth; as such, the fund could be attractive to investors saving for a deposit, whether these are first time buyers, or savers trying to help their children, grand-children, friends or relatives to get on the housing ladder¬†
  2. Diversifier in a multi-asset portfolio: Thanks to low correlations to equities, bonds and commercial property, the TM home investor fund can fit in a diversified, multi-asset portfolio to improve risk-adjusted returns.