What am I investing in?

You’re buying into a residential property fund with many other investors. All investors’ money is pooled together and used to buy flats and houses of various sizes, which are then rented to families, individuals and companies. The properties are spread across England, Scotland and Wales and broadly reflect the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) housing market in terms of regional distribution and property type. TM home investor fund is actively managed, which means Hearthstone doesn’t just follow the market; our team of residential property experts have the flexibility to select only properties that are expected to positively impact the portfolio over the long-term.

Preference is for the fund to buy and hold properties for the long-term, although when necessary, it will sell properties that are not performing as well as expected. It tends to buy new or modern properties to keep maintenance and management costs as low as possible, and homes that will attract reliable long-term tenants in sought-after rental locations that also have an active re-sale market.

Alongside the property investments, around 10% to 15% of the fund is kept in cash to pay investors who want to cash in their investment. (Note that in unusual market conditions, there may be a delay in withdrawing money if properties need to be sold. For more information, see this page