Who lives in the properties?

Most of the fund’s properties are rented by normal people like you and me. Some are single, some are couples – with and without families. A few of the properties are still used as show homes by housebuilding firms, so those are rented from the fund by the builder.

Who invests in TM home investor fund?

Investment returns from residential property tend to have little correlation to other mainstream asset classes, which means it acts differently to equities, fixed income and commercial property investments as market conditions change. TM home investor fund can, therefore, provide a useful way of diversifying your investment portfolio to spread the risk of investing. The fund is often recommended by financial advisers and we have many institutional investors who have invested pension fund money for exactly this reason.

People also invest in TM home investor fund with a particular goal in mind:

  • first time buyers saving for a house deposit
  • parents and grandparents wanting to help children onto the property ladder
  • expats aiming to keep a toe in the UK housing market
  • people looking for a hassle-free alternative to buy-to-let, as well as other more general investment aims

There are investors saving £100 each month and ones who’ve invested £1m or more.