Do you have a minimum investment?

You can invest from as little as £100 through the WealthKernel portal.

You can increase this as you become more comfortable to do so.

You can also set up a monthly standing order paying £100 a month ore more which is a great way to save in relation to the housing market.

What do Hearthstone and WealthKernel do with my personal data?

Hearthstone and WealthKernel both collect and hold your personal data separately.

WealthKernel uses your personal data to arrange investments into the TM home investor fund. For example, this means sharing your personal details with a custodian bank to arrange the safekeeping of your investment. From time to time, WealthKernel will also facilitate information and promotional communications on behalf of Hearthstone. You will be given the option to manage these communications in the WealthKernel portal.

Hearthstone, for example, will use the personal data you provide through the ‘contact us’ page to provide the information you have requested.

This website also places cookies on your device which  are used to collect information in an anonymous form about how visitors use the site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site.

Terms and conditions and information on data privacy can be found here for Hearthstone and here for the WealthKernel portal.

Do I have to be a UK citizen to invest through the online portal?

Yes. The online portal provided by WealthKernel only accepts customers over the age of 18 who live in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or the Channel Islands. You will be asked to provide a valid National Insurance number during signup. Note that you should only open a Stocks and Shares ISA if you are resident in the UK and have not opened one this tax year. Otherwise please open a regular account.

If you’re unable to invest via the online portal, you may still be able to invest through a third-party platform or through your financial adviser. You may also contact us for an application form to invest directly into the fund.

TM home investor fund does not accept US citizens, regardless of the potential method of investment.

What other partners does Hearthstone work with?


Hearthstone partners with WealthKernel to enable you to invest through an online portal. WealthKernel is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and holds client data securely on our behalf. For more information please visit: https://www.wealthkernel.com/powered-by

Thesis Group

Thesis Unit Trust Management is the Fund’s Authorised Corporate Director, and Thesis Asset Management Limited is responsible for the cash management functions of TM home investor fund.

Formed in 1974, it has been investing on behalf of clients for over 40 years and, as at 30/09/2017, manages or administers over £14 billion of assets.


Winterflood is the custodian of investments made through the online investment portal provided by WealthKernel, and is also an authorised ISA manager.