How do you select properties to buy?

The fund’s Property Investment Adviser, Hearthstone, searches for locations offering good rental demand as well as an active re-sale market. We use data from a leading housing research consultancy, and through our strategic partners, Touchstone and Connells Group, we also have access to the trends in rental performance of over 20,000 managed residential properties as well as “grass roots” sales and lettings data from over 500 estate agency branches.

Hearthstone’s property team has many years’ experience, and vast professional connections with house builders and developers in order to source suitable properties for the fund.

Our  purchase strategy includes:

  • Diversifying the portfolio range with mainstream homes across the UK
  • Typically 2 to 4 bedroom homes or apartments in low rise buildings
  • Preferring to invest in clusters of home from an established quality builder to keep maintenance and valuation costs lower. We are also better placed to negotiate strong discounts
  • Focusing on towns/cities with good infrastructure such as proximity to transport links, leisure facilities, green space, key worker employers and good schooling
  • Identifying homes we wish to keep for the long-term to maximise rental income return and lessen the cost of selling

How much can I invest?

Minimums for retail share classes are usually £50 per month or £1,000 lump sum. Some online investment platforms may allow you to invest smaller amounts.

Maximum limits apply to investment through ISAs and through pensions (including Self Invested Personal Pensions, or ‘SIPPs’).

The personal limit for ISAs a tax year (as of 2018/19) is £20,000. This can be split between a Stocks & Shares ISA, a Cash ISA*, a Lifetime ISA (maximum £4,000) and an Innovative Finance ISA*. You can open one of each type of ISA each tax year.

Other product providers and online platforms offer the fund via personal pensions, SIPPs and ISAs, and you can also speak to your financial adviser.

The above should not be considered financial or tax planning advice, or advice to invest in any particular investment vehicle or fund.

Taxation information is based on Hearthstone’s understanding of legislation in force as at July 2018. Legislation may change, and tax and trust law may be open to differing interpretation. The impact of taxation will depend on individual circumstances. Potential investors should seek advice from their financial adviser or tax specialist before investing.

The prospectus contains more information on taxation within TM home investor fund and taxation in the hands of the investor. Please contact us if you would like a copy.

How do I invest?

You can investment via many external investment platforms, ISA managers, SIPPs, or through your financial adviser. You may also contact us for an application form.