Investing for your children

Invest with confidence and peace of mind

We know you want to do everything you can to help your children get on the property ladder. So when it comes to investments, you want your money to be looked after at the same time as working hard. But in today’s low interest rate environment, saving can be frustrating. That’s where the TM home investor fund is different – it aims to capture UK house price growth and rental income.

Invest in your children’s financial future

Hearthstone’s expert property team has been working hard on the fund since 2012. Over the medium to long-term, returns on cash savings often don’t keep up with rising house prices. That’s why we believe the TM home investor fund can help you achieve long-term financial goals like helping a child onto the property ladder.

You can place your money into a tax efficient ISA up to £20,000 per year. Another way to save for your children’s future is by setting up a standing order via our partners, WealthKernel, which allows you to pay monthly into the fund thereby building up your total investment over time.