Do you have a minimum investment?

The WealthKernel portal is now closed for new or top-up investment into the Fund.

Minimum investment is £1,000 although lower amounts may be permitted via different investment platforms.

Please speak to your financial adviser or contact us for more information on the Fund’s availability on the various platforms.

What do Hearthstone and WealthKernel do with my personal data?

Hearthstone and WealthKernel both collect and hold your personal data separately.

WealthKernel uses your personal data to arrange investments into the TM home investor fund. For example, this means sharing your personal details with a custodian bank to arrange the safekeeping of your investment. From time to time, WealthKernel will also facilitate information and promotional communications on behalf of Hearthstone. You will be given the option to manage these communications in the WealthKernel portal.

Hearthstone, for example, will use the personal data you provide through the ‘contact us’ page to provide the information you have requested.

This website also places cookies on your device which  are used to collect information in an anonymous form about how visitors use the site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site.

Terms and conditions and information on data privacy can be found here for Hearthstone and here for the WealthKernel portal.

What information will I receive after investing online?

The WealthKernel portal is now closed for new or top-up investment into the Fund.

After you have invested through the online portal, Hearthstone works with WealthKernel to ensure you’re kept up to date with the fund’s progress. You will receive regular email updates, and there is a chat service for further questions. Should you wish to opt-out, please check your settings dashboard to manage communications.

How do I withdraw my available funds?

The WealthKernel portal is now closed for new or top-up investment into the Fund.

You can apply to cash-in some or all of your investment on any UK business day from your account dashboard when you’re logged into the WealthKernel portal. Under normal circumstances, the money will be cleared into your bank account five business days later.

The fund aims to hold 10% to 15% of assets in cash to cover withdrawals and also has a stream of rental income that can be used to meet withdrawals in the short term. Note that in unusual market conditions, there may be a delay in withdrawing money if properties need to be sold. For more information, see this page