An alternative to Buy-to-Let

Why own one property when you can invest in streetfuls?

We know you want to expand your investment portfolio and you may be considering buy-to-let. You want your money to be looked after and to be managed intelligently, but also for it to work hard. In today’s unpredictable climate though, many investments can be complex and difficult to understand. Buying a house or being a landlord comes with its own complications too.

Letting the experts do the hard work in property investing

The UK buy-to-let market can be a complicated space. Mortgage applications, tenancy deposit laws, tax, tricky tenants and leaky taps. TM home investor fund takes the hassle out of property investment. From finding the properties across the UK, to letting, maintaining and the eventual re-sale of them, it’s all managed by Hearthstone’s expert team, adding diversity to your portfolio and leaving with you with more time to spend doing the things you love.

A fund managed by a professional team

Hearthstone’s investment team understands the UK residential property market. The TM home investor fund has delivered attractive returns to investors since 2012.

Enjoy some real home comforts. Invest tax-free

You can make use of your ISA allowance to invest in the fund. There is no need to worry about recent tax changes imposed on buy-to-let landlords.

Property investment without the hassle

Become a property investor without even buying a house. So no leaky taps and tricky tenants for you then.